Alma 17:11

And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 16, 2013


Sup fam? haha glad to hear that you guys dont rememeber ANYTHING I write! hahaha just kidding, I dont really remember either...

So this week was awesome! First we had our zone conference with Pres. Watts and Hna. Watts! They talked about how to work more with the members and how we can find new investigators! Which doesnt really apply to me cause the investigators just invite themselves to church here ;) haha. Then we ate a DELICIOUS lunch of turky wraped in bacon hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dervisious! Then they had a couple more instructions and we got to take pictures! hahahahaha I may have accidentally hugged Hna. Watts for a picture! I didnt realize untill after and I just jumped away and told her I was SO SORRY!! hahaha she just laughed and said it was fine! super funny

So I learned a lot that day and we were super excited to get to woork, we have already had a meeting with our bishop about how we can make the ward better and help him out. Then I got sick! noooooooooo! I had a cold? Its called Gripe in spanish, I think its a cold! But I had a fever and everythign! But we still worked, I dont like to stay in the house! I feel mostly better now, still got a bit of a cough though!

Then on Friday we had our baptizsm! A got bapzited Friday the 13, we had a LOT of bad luck that day but in the end it turned out okay! The first problem was that NO ONE showed up on time, then when people DID show up A didnt show up! We tried to call her like 30 times but she wouldnt answer! Then like an hour late she finnally came! Only to have ANOTHER problem, the baptizmal clothing we got for her was WAY to small, she told us she was XL so we got XL... she needed like XXXL! So we had to donate one of our white shirts to cover up the parts that we couldnt zip up! Then the DVD player in the church didnt work, so I had to give a 15 minte talk after she was baptized and changing. Which really isnt all that bad except I was sick at the time and I lost my voice about 5 minutes into it! hahahaha so it was just a mess of a baptism but like I said, It all worked out!

Then saturday we had a ward activity for the 15 of september, our ward got together and ran around the city with a torch! A LOT of people do that here, pretty cool tradition! then they came back to the church and sang the national Himn of Guate (SUPER LONG) and then ate tostadas. Really fun activity, we had Cesar go and he LOVED it, along with R. 

So this comming week we should have more baptisms! 2 More to be exact! On Saturday at 5 we are goin got baptize C! He has changed a lot and is very ready, so we are super pumped for that! Then on Friday we are going to have a wedding! An investigator named L is going to get married to one of the members in our ward (they´ve been living together for 3 years) and then he´s going to get baptized! This week should be SUPER buisy for us because we still have to teach ALLL of the lessons to Luis! haha he already knows them cause his family are members too but we gots to teach him anyways!

As for my spanish, there is literally NOTHING that I cant understand. And I can say pretty much anything that I want to say! yaya! As for the danger level here in zone 5, when I tell people I was in zone 18 for a year they just about poop their pants hahaha, they always ask me for stories ;) so here isnt too bad, but I got this place called the Limonada in my area (about half of it) and Im not alowed to enter because it´s a red zone.... So yeah its a little more safe!

Okay well love you guys a ton! I jsut ran outta time so I gots to gooooo!



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