phew, holy cow I am really tired today!!!

Hi fammfam!

Sounds like everything is crazy up there this week! How did the bumper thing work out? haha thats nuts! 

So yup on Wednesday we found out about the changes? Have you seen what the new boundries will be? One will be called Coban, and have Everything north of the Cap! Which is everything awesome about our mission right now, but it`s without Papi Watts... The Other will be called Guatemala East mission, the cap and the coast of Guate, so pretty cool as well! AND it will have Pres. Watts, so that`s the one I want! But we will not know who will be in which mission till June or July. Pres. Watts and Hna. Watts will have 2 years in July, so If I stay with them I`ll have them all but my last change in the mission!!!!

Fruit eating went well this week! We have this guy that lives below us and sells frozen chocolate covered fruit, so I always eat chocolate coverd papaya. SO good! As for the gaining and looseing, I think im balanced out right now, but finnaly Im eating good so I know that im not just going to be a skinny FAT when I get home!!

AWWWWEEE MY WIDDLE BRUDER IS WOYALTY!!!! haha that`s awesome! You better find a woman! That`s awesome! Please get a white tux! They are so DANG CLASSY!!! And you need to look classy if you are going with a sugar sweet honey! I think I may buy a tux when I get home just so I can walk around in it! TUX NIGHT! Yup doin that

Our baptism that we were going to have yesterday fell through, then we changed it to the 9th of March, then that fell through so now we`re planning for the 23 of march, and I might not even be here if that`s how it is!!! NOOOOOO Oh well we`ve got some really cool investigators.

1 C. F., His brother is our ward mission leader and he really wants to be baptised. He is giving Books of Mormon to his friends and is looking for people to share the gosple with!  Super good guy, We are just waiting to baptise him because he needs 3 weeks of hcurhc, so hes going to be in on the 23 of march.

2 Jr. A. F. Y F.. Jr. and A. are ma and Pa, Flor is sister of A. and F. is the only kid of Jr. and A. that is over 8 years old. THey are SUPER pilas! Great family! Jr. is a HUGE man, like taller than me and twice as thick! BIG PAPA! He talks SUPER fast but is really shy haha it`s hilarious! He always has questions for us and when he asks them he says ¨What does OUR church think about this?¨ He refers to himself as being in our church, even though he has never even entered into one of our chaples! It`s awesome, but they have to work A LOT too so we put their baptism to be in April, so I dont know if ill be here but I am really excited for them!

WE`ve got others but ill inform you in weeks following because im going to run out of time!!! I got your 2 valentines packages!!! SO AWESOME!!! I love the cars sheets!!!! THE BEST!!! Everyone tells me that my family loves me because I get more packages than anyone else haha But it`s awesome becuase I havent had a fitted Sheet in SO LONG!!! It`s so comfy!! And sunflower seeds are the BOMB for our days where we are pionary children and we walk and walk and walk and walk!

it`s making a lot of heat here! Im melting!! I havent filled up my pack pack with water in months, but this week I had to because I have been dyeing! So handy this thing!!!

Well thanks so much for everything! You guys are the best! I really do have the best family! THanks for raising me in the church and putting up with all of my crap hehehe, make sure ALL OF YOU CRAKERS are reading the Book of Mormon EVERY SINGLE DAY. It`s a rule in my mission and it`s a rule for my family too! Alright im almost outta time and I wanna rearange the music you sent me so LOVES!!! BYES!!!