Alma 17:11

And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

July 22, 2013

Dear The Johnstun Family:
As you may know, the creation of new missions throughout the world to accommodate the significant rise in the number of missionaries serving has had a favorable impact here in Guatemala.  A new mission has been added in the country and this has affected several of the existing missions.  Part of the Guatemala City North mission was taken to create the Cobán Mission, and part of the Guatemala City South mission was combined with the remaining portion of the Guatemala City North mission to create the Guatemala City East mission.  The new East mission incorporates areas of Guatemala City with Eastern sections of the country extending to Puerto Barrios on the East Coast.  In connection with this change in mission boundaries and names, Élder Johnstun has been assigned to continue his service with us as a missionary in the Guatemala City East mission.
Sister Watts and I are extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue our own missionary service with each missionary.  We have been able to meet personally with all those who are new to us.  We have a great love for the missionaries in the East mission and have a profound desire for their welfare and happiness.  It is a special privilege to be able to serve with them.   We know they have been prepared to enter the Lord’s vineyard at a time when He is hastening His work.  We respect and honor them.
We are also grateful to you for your love and prayers.  Your letters and encouragement are invaluable.  Thank you for this very important support.  Please know that Sister Watts and I will do all we can to show our constant love and concern for these wonderful young men and women during their service far from home and from many loved ones.
Kindest regards,
President and Sister Edward D. Watts
Guatemala, Guatemala City East Mission  

P.S.  - Our new mailing address is:
                Misión Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala Norte
                Apartado Postal 951-A
                Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

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