Alma 17:11

And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

June 10, 2013

Well, this week was a goodn. The only problem is that I cant really thinking of anything worth writing! LOL 

So the good news! We went and visited Fam. D (like always), but this time R couldnt be with us because he was sick. So we were talking with M, and she told us that she didnt care what her husband says, she had decided to be baptized! So we put her date for the 22 of this month! YAY! She was really happy until the next day...when she told R that she had decided. He´s not SUPER mad but he´s a little mad, he says that she can do it but is pretty annoyed that she made the decision. Other than that she is doing really well and is super happy to be baptized, the good thing is that the rest of her family is really supportive and even though they arnt members they´re helping her do it!

What else? this week has been pretty rainy and I was sick on monday so we didnt do anything......... Oh we bought a GIANT chocolate cake for my Bday and ate it as a district and watched Charlie (the sad one about cancer) it was really fun! Then some members made me a giant other bday cake, called 3 leches, SUPER GOOD! all in all it was a good day! haha the funny part is that I think I´ll be more excited for my 1 year mark in the mish than I was for my bday haha

GLad to hear that you guys had fun in CALIFORNIA! Man I miss vacations!

What else happend this week? Uh the Tortilleras O and E stopped progressing... We decided to put a date with them because before this week they were progressing a lot, then we told them about the date and they just stoppped compretry (chines accent) They told us that suddenly they cant come to church and that they arnt reading the BoM... BAH so we gotta convince them to go to church again this sunday! 

I think Im going to send you guys some pics because I seem to be short on words today... Plus EVERY PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!!! So technically Im writting a TON with these photos haha

Hey, I need like 6 months of contacts to be able to finish my mission strong! So if you could purchase them that would be awesome

Did I tell you that Im for sure in East mission! YAY! Im really happy to be here, hopefully I can go to the coast in this next change! That would be the bomb, but if not, some good old fashon zone 18 will be okay too lol

welp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Love you guys! haha hope you all have a great week! Tell everyone hi for me! 



June 3, 2013

Holy cow! What a crazy week! Lot`s happened and Im not sure how to explain it all! So i`ll start from the beginning!

This week we had our changes, I didnt get one but my comp. Elder F got one. SO we went to the change conference, He had a change and now it`s just me and Elder O. But at the change conference President Watts spoke (like normal) and announced that this was the last change conference in the Guatemala City North Mission. Everyone is in the missions that they are going to be in until they end their missions, WELCOME TO THE GUATEMALA EAST MISSION! Then he said, Those of you who are going to be in the Coban mission it doesnt mean that we dont love you. But those of you going to the East mission... yeah we love you! hahaha I love president Watts. Then Hna. Watts didnt speak because she was crying because she was loosing a bunch of her missionaries, awe I love that Im going to be with them ALMOST my whole mission!

So F left and me and had a ton of stuff to do because we had a baptism this last saturday! I and J! I is the Gma of J and owns a little store and has been listening to us for about 4 or 5 weeks, while J is 10 and SUPER hyperactive (becuase his mom was drugged up during his pregnancy) and has been listening for about three times as long. Elder O baptized J, and Elder F baptized Irma. It was great and they are super happy to be members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I LOVE IT WHEN WE HAVE BAPTISMS!!

Teaching is going really well, had to get used to not being in a trio but after that it has gone by really wellª We gotta find more investigators again, of our 30 only about 10 are progressing, TIME TO FIND SOME NEW ONESªª

uhhhhhhh something else happend but I cant remember, Im a little sick with a head cold right now so everything is in slllloooowwww mmmooooo. Thanks for the BDay wishes everyone! Have fun in freakin CALIFORNIA! Thanks for sending me my solutionª Im going to check and see how many pairs of contacts I have left so I can tell you if I need more this next weekª 

Next, Tomorrows my BDAYª YAYª We are going to buy a phat cake and eat untill we pukeª Then we÷re going to go out and work hahaha, should be fun·  I think Im going to spend a good 200 qetz and buy a water heater for my bday gift to me so that these next 5 weeks that i have here I÷ll have warm water. 

THanks for your love and support, itd be super awesome to come here and visit with the whole fam, but Im not sure if we÷d come to these 2 areas that ive had so far, but we÷ll seeª Oh and sorry about all the weird symbols, the computor just pooped on the keyboardª lol



May 27, 2013

This week was a looong one. Well, only the last 4 days have been long! This week we were supposed to have 3 or 4 baptisms, Fam. D fell through because the husband is SUPER catholic and doesnt want to accept anything as truth. He`s reading the book of mormon, but only to try and find problems and fight with us! His wife is awesome though, they had both told us that they we`rent going to visit with us but we kept going anyways and they both ended up going to church again this sunday! it was great to see them walk in! But they we`rent baptized this week, hopefully we can help them be ready within the next 6 weeks! 

The other 2 baptisms were for sures! Hna. I, and her grandson J. I is this older lady that runs a little store in her house. It`s super small and there are a TON of them here so she struggles a lot with money. Plus, her husband is a SUPER drunk, he wakes up at 5 in the morning everyday to start drinking! Lol, we call him Moi. Because he always trys to talk about the bible with us and one time he was talking about the teachings of Moi and we had NO idea what he was talking about! So we asked him who Moi was and he looked at us like we were idiots and yelled ITS MOISES! Or Moses for all you white people. haha so we call him Moi, the good thing is is that he isnt a violent drunk, he`s more like a little kid. But he steals Irmas money that she makes and buys liquor with it. So she has a hard time with her store, but she has been making the sacrifice to close her store every sunday for an hour so that she could come to church with us! Her progress has been huge and we were super stoked to baptize her! So she passed the final interview with our DL elder C and everything was dandy!

But the night before the baptism (it was going to be Saturday at 10 in the morning) our Bishop refused to give us the keys to the baptismal font, he told us that we couldn`t baptize her becuase she hadn`t gone to church enough times (definately not true) and because not enough members knew her. And honestly, that part is true. Not many members knew her, but we had been trying to involve the ward this whole time, but if they dont do their job and help then there is nothing we can do! So we had this huge 'Discussion' with our bishop but, in the end, it`s him who tells us if we can baptize. So we are postponing their baptism untill this saturday! AHHH what a tool.

We also had 2 other investigators come to church this week! They are indian girls O and E, who work in a tortilla place close to our house. But they have always told us Oh yes we are definately going to go to your church, but not until the NEXT week. So this time we had enough of their crap and just sat outside thier little tortillaria for half an hour untill they came out and they went with us! lol after we talked to them and they said that they really liked our church and want to go again! YES! So we are thinking about setting a baptism date with them this coming week!

phew, now the other stressfull part of my week. TRANSFERS. Last night we recieved our transfers. at least HALF the zone has a transfer, even people who just got here and are in the middle of training have transfers, every single one of my good friends in the zone have one!  I am going on 10 months in my mission and I have only seen this crappy zone! BAH! Im going crazy! One of my comps has a change(change means transfer here!) too, Elder F. He`s got 3 changes in this area already so it`s definately time for him to go. SO i`ll be here to finish the training of my other companion Elder O. But yeah, im getting a little stressed out. The zone im in is Zone Alameda, 

The good part is is that we are garenteed to have baptisms here! It just sucks seeing all these people come in and then watch them leave while I WILL NEVER LEAVE! ahhhhhhhh oh well.

But yeah, that was my week! Hope you guys have fun in CALI! Super Jealous right now! you guys are the best! Love you!


May 20,2013

That`s cool that you guys went to Allys farewell, and went to the ogden marathon! I had some friends run in that!

That`s awesome that you are goiong to San Deigo! I miss going on vacations with you guys! I was just thinking, you know this place is cool, but it would be wayyy more fun if my peeps were here! lol

This last week went really well! We set 3 baptism dates for this saturday! Maybe have a fourth but that`ll take a looooot of work! We had a bunch of lessons, but we didnt find A. He`s great, BUT he`s never home! But we did find some new investigators that are going to be great! This week we are going to baptize Irma, J, and M. I is the Gma o, they run a little store that barely makes enough to keep running. It`s a HUGE sacrifice for her to go to church and close it for an hour everyweek. But they are both super excited to get baptized this saturday! M is this little old lady that has a huge testimony! Her husband is SUPER catholic, and very thick headed... He always brings up "The life of the father of Joseph Smith" WHAT?! We have never taught him that, and then we explain everything, and then the next time he brings it up again....... Idiot... But his wife is super awesome and we are hopefully going to baptize her this saturday aswell!! yay!

Yup, still have 2 comps! Elder O and Elder F, the changes are comin up! This sunday they tell us if we are going to have changes or not! Not sure if I`ll have a change or not, it`s about 50 50 right now. But yeah, this change has gone by so quick! I dont really want to have a change because we have a lot of people who will be ready to be baptized in June! But at the same time I WANNA LEAVE THIS ZONE!!! I love the Elders here, but I`ve been here for sooo long! But, we`ll see what happens!

Thanks for your support, prayers, letters, everything! You guys are great and I hope you are all haveing a great time! Nick! Keep up the good work and keep working towards the mish!

Love you a ton!


May 13, 2013

Yesterday was awesome! Super great to talk to you guys! Glad to know that you are all doing good, haha that hour passes so FAST! Happy mothers day to Mom, Grandma, and Grammy! 

But yeah, nothing too new in Gtown for me! This week was a buisy one, taught a ton of people and this next week should be even better! If EVERYTHING goes as planned (hhhhhhhhhhhardly ever does...) We might put 14 baptism dates! YAHOO!!! Love being here! The only bad thing is, is that the changes are comming up and normally they dont leave trios for more than one change. And Im the one that will most likely have a change, so im praying that I dont so that I can see all of these people make that step! 

I`ll tell you about a new investigator that we found this week! His name is A, he`s 16 and lives pretty close to us. The missionaries had talked to him a little before, but he`s so hard to teach because he`s never home. But he`s a perfect investigator. He was really sad when we went because it was mothers day (here in G town it`s always the 10 of may) and a long time ago his mom died, and a few days earlier his grandma died. We taught him the 1st lesson, which is where we explain our purpose as missionaries and find out about their religious background and what they expect from us and everything. We explained to him that families are for forever and that he can return to live with his whole family again! He was almost crying and told us that he wants to be baptized! Such a cool experience! We could feel the spirit sooo strong with him! And that`s definately true, Im so glad that we can be a family forever, you guys are my bestest friends and I`m so happy to be able to serve for 2 years to help other poeple have that blessing. Sometimes I feel like I miss home, but then I think about it and I only have 15 more months to be able to preach the gosple full time. After that I`ll just be a normal person, so im trying to enjoy every day here!

Dad, that`s an awesome story about that guy in mexico! I love that you guys are doing work there too! It really is one of the best blessings that is out there, be able to teach! I am honestly never happier than when Im in the tiny home of a little guatamalian and teaching!

ohhh and I almost forgot! I need contact solution!! Unfindable here, it`s like looking for a home without cockroaches..... impossible! So if you could send me some of that stuff I`d love it! I talked to my ZLs and they told me that the mission will forward the mail to whichever mission im in, so you can still send cards and packages to the normal address and they`ll bring it to me!

You guys are the bomb and I miss you a ton but Im so happy to be here! Keep looking for other people to share the gosple with! You guys have the same chalenge that Dad gave me, Make someones life better every day! 

Love you!

May 6, 2013

Whew, it`s hot today! This week passed by really fast! We are already in week 4 of this change! out of 6! Goes by waaaayyy fast! This week we had 2 of our baptism dates fall, but they were dates that were dates that were never going to be baptized, so i didnt feel too bad. BUT we put 2 more to replace it! And supposedly we`re going to have 4 baptisms this week! But 2 of them are going to fall because it`s this couple, Lady and, he is already a member, but Lady isnt. Lady has a cousin (I think) who lives whith them and is investigating aswell named M.. Lady and C have to get married to baptize her but she`s underage and He`s got 2 warrents out for him... So it`s a little hard to marry them. And M says he`ll be baptized when she is... AHHH But that`s okay, we`ll try and find a way to help them out!

Our other 2 baptisms that we could have this week is Family D. They are this little old couple that are really awesome. The wife, M, already has a testimony and believes everything about the church. The Husband, R, is a little more difficult. He`s hardcore catholic and likes to argue with us, which normaly is okay! I can deal with that, but my companion Elder F(the one in the middle) gets mad and starts to fight with him hahaha, so it`s a little hard to get them to get along. But we`re progressing! I`ll let you know how it all turns out!

So glad you got my package! IN TIME TOO!!! I never believed that you would get it so fast! So cool! Happy Mothersday!

The baptism with C was really cool! Loved it! There were just a few problems! haha First, the Elders in San Rafael didnt bring a towel for him and I forgot mine... Second, NO ONE from my old ward showed up. I was very upset with them for that one! They hadnt had a baptism in almost a year and they dont come when they finnaly have one!! Only his family and 2 other members showed up, and the bishop. Third, Carlos wanted to be baptized, BUT the water was freezing! SO after I said the prayer (nailed it) I started to lower him in the water, but he started pushing back! I didn`t want any nonsense so I just threw him under LOL, after that everything was dandy! Really awesome!!

My spanish is doing reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy well! hahaha Im a little pridefull right now because this week everyone has asked me if im about to go home because my spanish is good! 

This week the members gave us lunch and dinner everyday! Such good food! Nothing weird like fried blood! Just DELICIOUS! A lotta Beans, eggs, and tortillas!

This week was really cool! We organized a double wedding in a week!! We have a lawyer who is a member and when we have weddings she`ll do them for free for the Elders! So these members in our ward that are really nice to us told us about their problem. Technically they have been married for like 4 years BUT the papers never showed up in the system. So they technically werent married, we told them that if they made us scripture cases out of crocodile skin (he has SO many different types of skins... not sure how legal that is...) we would organize their wedding! SO they agreed and then they asked if the brother of the bride could get married on the same day, so we arranged that too! It was really cool! A TON of members showed up and we had a really great wedding! There were tamales for everything and it was really fun! The other cool part is that The dad of the sister we helped is in charge of all the Cops and Army that are in zone 18 (where I live) he was a really nice guy, and gave us his number and told us that if we had ANY problems or even if we just needed a ride somewhere we could call him! So awesome!

Yes I still Email in the same place, almost everything is the same, only my area is MUCH bigger and is just full of these little alley ways. They are HORRIBLE and ugly, and super confusing. But everything is FLAT here, no hills, it`s awesome!

Thanks for your EMAILS! You guys are the best, THanks for all the support! and for raising me in this gospel! KEEP BEING AT HOME MISSIONARIES! Love you so much! So excited to call you guys this Sunday! 



April 25, 2013

Hey fam! 

So this week was the transferrs.... I think I´ll describe my day on wednesday for you. First I had to pack, I stayed up till 3 in the morning packing! I HATE THAT CRAP! So I was wayyyy tired, went to bed and then had to get up at 6 because the taxi was going to be outside my house at 7. We are out of the house by 645 and the taxi NEVER shows up... NEVER! So at 8 we had to go flag down a taxi in the street! By that time EVERYONE in the conference of transferrs already knows all the changes. So we get there and I start talking to Elder Crossgrove, he´ll be in the Cap still, and he just told me ´dude, im so sorry´ I asked him why, then he realized that I hadnt recieved my transfer yet so he told me to run and get it! So I walk over to the room where they give them out and on the way, people either laugh at me or just tell me that they´re sorry. So I was just thinking I was going to be in the Cap still, which is what I want in the end so that´d be fine. Then I go in there and they tell me La Laguna, Zone Alameda. in a trio.

Now this doesn´t sound to bad to the average person, La Laguna has had 11 baptisms in the last 3 months, they always have investigators and it´s a good area. 

BUT, im not the average person. La Laguna is pretty much across the street from my old area San Rafael... Im still in the same District... Same stake... I just live in a crappier house... everytime we introduce ourselves everyone just sees me and says ´oh i already know you´ then they talk to elder Olivares My companions are really great though, Elder Figueroa (from Guatemala) has 4 months in the mission and can teach SO well, haha the only bad thing about him is that he gets mad at the investigators sometimes and condemns them... Then my new kid is elder Olivares, he is from Peru. He is really a good teacher, just loves everyone that we teach! I really feel like im unnessicary here!

So all in all, Im more or less in the EXACT same area... But Im trying not to poop myself about it! Hopefully we will be able to baptize the crap out of this area! OH so I think im in mission EAST!! I talked to Hna. Watts at the conference and I told her I was NOT excited about my new change. She told me that it´s good because she doesnt want me to go to Mission Coban. I think i´ll be in East!  SO Im hopping i´ll be here for 3 months to do the training and then have a change when the mission splits to go open an area on the coast! hahaha pure hope, but I think that they will do Emergency Changes when the mission divides.

Dad, that´s awesome that you are being a missionary! I have never heard of a mennonite! What do they believe in? That´s so cool that you are sharing the gosple! 

Well, next week i´ll tell you about some of our investigators when I get to know them!

Thanks for your letters! You guys are the best! Love you so much!


April 15, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  4 DAYS AGO!!! SO SORRY I DIDNT PUT THAT IN MY LAST EMAIL!!!!!!!!!               What it is family?

Well yesterday we finally got our changes! I have one! BUT there`s a catch.... I`ll be training too. Which means I`ll probably be opening an area, which means that either BOTH the missionaries that were there before are leaving, OR they`re dividing a bigger area (probably outside the Cap), OR it`s an area where there arn`t missionaries right now... So who know`s where in the world I will be! But It`s pretty much certain that I wont have a change again after before the mission splits! So this wednesday I will find out If im in mission Coban, or mission East. There are 2 other people that are doing the same thing as I am! Elder Crossgrove (my MTC companion, yup still in the same zone) and Elder Brooks who`s been in this zone as long as I have.

But there`s something weird about these, because normally it`s easy to find out where you will go if you will be opening an area, but according to one of my friends, there is no new areas opening... and there`s no area where both the elders are being taken out... The only new thing that is being opened is an entire zone in a place called Polochik. In Polochik they speak kekchi, but supposedly this new zone wont be speaking that... and to go to Polochik you have to go with someone who already knows how to speak the language, but if we`re training they wont know it! SO we really have no IDEA where we`ll be going! hahaha this is all just mission BS but there`s a lot and I figure that you guys would like to hear some!

That`s awesome that you guys went to the DR! I was supper excited to see your pics! Sounds like you all had a blast! And were able to meet the WHOLE family tree that they`ve got down there!   I wanna go see all their houses and everything! I miss my dominican family!!!  Sounds like those kids LOVE you guys, that`s so fun!

To answer your question about the weird things that the chapines do down here isssssssssss....... theres a lot! haha they do the whole point with your lips thing, the men ALWAYS have their shirts lifted up and they just rub their bellies... even my guatemalan comp does that... weird... they have hand signals for EVERYTHING, like someone who´s gossipy they put their fingers together in like a point and wave their little finger. If you want to eat or want more to eat you do another weird thing with your hands haha I would describe it but I have no idea how! Its like making crab claws with your hands and pointing them upward....... hahahahaha that sounds about right! They also do the whole kiss hug thing! EVERYONE and their 10,000 cousins who they live with plays soccer, and outside the cap EVERYONE has a machete. 

Where I am at is not that hot... comparitivily, right now it`s really humid though, and the sun NEVER goes away. Supposedly we`re in the rainy season but I aint seen nothin yet! So I just sleep without a blanket, and if its REALLY hot we get out our ghetto fan and turn it on! There are HUGE cockroaches and from what ive seen the natives are more afraid of them than i am hahaha, lukily in the house im in now doesnt have any! There are BIG spiders, but WAY bigger outside the cap, in Peten or Coban where it`s hot and moist they grow like weeds! There are guys selling cocos everywhere and right now mangos are in season so I have been eating a crap ton of those! And avacados! SO GOOD!

This week for our zone activity we went BOWLING! it was really fun, but i SUPER suck at bowling... We went there and then went to wendys and taco bell! Taco bell here is crazy! Free Foosball for everyone! It was great! I am going to miss this zone when I leave wednesday! I really do love the missionaries, we have so much fun. Well that`s about it! I sent 2 packages home,  not a lot of letters, more just stuff! I didnt have room in my luggage to carry it around! But it`s for you guys so ENJOY!!

Miss you guys a ton and I think I`ll have a lot to write to yall next week! Love you and hope you have a fun time in the DR and at home! Good luck in your drumline thinggly Nick!!



April 8, 2013

Holy Bananas! You guys did have a crazy week! So glad to hear that everything is okay with dad! Those pictures are CRAZY!!! Poor suburban, but still SUPER happy that no one got hurt! Did they offer to give us elipticles that may have been damaged? that would be awesome!

Hey! I recieved 2 packages this week!!! The TREX shrit and the RUN for the Cure! hahaha those are awesome!!!! LOVE THEM!!! And also the other package with the Harmonica in it!!! SO COOL! Even elder Escobar wants to have one too, we just sit in our house at night and do the whole bluues thing SO FUNNY! Ate allllll the nutella during the General Conference! SO GOOD!!! And I LOVE the pics! I really have lost a lot of weight! Elder Graham thinks ive lost about 20 pounds! Plus im dominating the league in juggling!

Then we watched General Conference in English, just us 4 gringos! It was awesome! I loved watching it, but the time passes by SO FAST!!! I feel like they should do this every 3 months! Can you believe I already have 2 of my 4 General Conferences in the missionfeild done!?!?!?! CRAZY!!! I loved how they said that Every member is a missionary, With the changes in age the missionaries have stepped it up to do the lords work, now its up to the members to do the sameªª If you see the missionaries, even if you dont have someone that they can teach, tell them that you want them to bring investigators to your home to have a family home evening. Or that you guys can leave with them for a couple of lessonsª Any help is greatªªª

Today we went BOWLING as a zone activity! It was so fun! I bowled the WORST games I ever have in my entire bowling career! Didnt even break 100... or 90...or 80... or 70... well, y0ou get the picture! haha but it wasnt my best gameª  (ª means exclamation point, this keyboard just crapped out) But it was really fun, then we went to wendys and Taco Bell, so awesomeª 

I am really excited to have a new area and everything, but im really going to miss the missionaries in my zoneª They÷re like my giant manly family down here haha, but yes, I am a little nervous, because Im pretty sure I find out more or less which mission Im going to in this change. Because there are only 2 changes more, so if im in the cap, ill always be in the cap. But if I leave, i÷ll never come back.... So yup im a little nervous, but excited so i can start over in a new area and put to practice all that I learned hereª  

This week, after a day of divisions in another area, We got a phone Call from Pres. Watts. He told us he wanted to have a companionship study with us the next day, SO natureallly we were poopin our pants because from what I know this isnt SUPER common. So Morning came and president and Hna. Watts came to our house and we had a companionship study with themª  It was really cool, we just talked about our area and what we can do to help our investigatorsªª So awesome, this is the reason I want to stay in the East mission... today at leastª I change where I want to go everyday haha, but I find out next sunday IF I have a change, then wednesday WHERE my change is

Hey what÷s this deal with Korea¿! is it serious or just something stupid I read in a Guatemalan newspaper¿ I always knew I didnt like them........

haha well thanks so much for all the support you guys give meª You are the best family and make this work so much better and easierªªª I miss you all a ton but I wouldnt rather be anywhere elseªª Love you all a ton and if there is any thing I can do allllll the way from down here just tell meª I think IM going to send you guys  a couple of packages because I bought some cool stuffªªª



April 1, 2013

Holy Cow! Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun this week! I would love to see the jousting! haha that would be so great. How did Nick not go ride Cars!? I am so jealous of you guys for going to DL again! 

You are going to the DR??????? To visit Jr and Geraldo?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Tell them hi for me!  And tell them Im pumped to go talk to them when I come back!

I thought of another soundtrack of music! Princess and the Frog!! and Hercules, Pocahontas, all that fun stuff!

This week was really cool and kinda boring! haha It`s Easter, but here they have Semana Santa... An entire week of festivities where everyone goes to the beach! SO we were primary chilren really a lot this week! But we got to see the Processions, and these things called Afombras, I dont know if I spelled it wrong but you`ll have to look them up because they`re awesome! I have a ton of pics but It takes SO long to load them up so I think I might just send you the SD card again! 

Our Baptism date is going to be the 20th of April, about 3 days after the Transfers... So I doubt that i`ll be here to see him be baptized but that`s okizay. We are really seeing quite a bit of progress in our investigators, well in some! 

We played so much soccer today and Im so turd! 

I dont have a ton to write because we didnt really do much this week haha, I read about 250 pages in Jesus the Christ! This book is great! I love reading about the life of christ! It makes me feel like I need to work harder as a missionary, I only have 17 months left to serve the Lord with all of my full time and after that I can`t do it like I can here. I am going to enjoy my time here and use it wisely!

Well, Hopefully I have something cool to write next week! Thanks for your letters and for everything you guys do for me! Miss you all and Love you tons!