Alma 17:11

And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

April 8, 2013

Holy Bananas! You guys did have a crazy week! So glad to hear that everything is okay with dad! Those pictures are CRAZY!!! Poor suburban, but still SUPER happy that no one got hurt! Did they offer to give us elipticles that may have been damaged? that would be awesome!

Hey! I recieved 2 packages this week!!! The TREX shrit and the RUN for the Cure! hahaha those are awesome!!!! LOVE THEM!!! And also the other package with the Harmonica in it!!! SO COOL! Even elder Escobar wants to have one too, we just sit in our house at night and do the whole bluues thing SO FUNNY! Ate allllll the nutella during the General Conference! SO GOOD!!! And I LOVE the pics! I really have lost a lot of weight! Elder Graham thinks ive lost about 20 pounds! Plus im dominating the league in juggling!

Then we watched General Conference in English, just us 4 gringos! It was awesome! I loved watching it, but the time passes by SO FAST!!! I feel like they should do this every 3 months! Can you believe I already have 2 of my 4 General Conferences in the missionfeild done!?!?!?! CRAZY!!! I loved how they said that Every member is a missionary, With the changes in age the missionaries have stepped it up to do the lords work, now its up to the members to do the sameªª If you see the missionaries, even if you dont have someone that they can teach, tell them that you want them to bring investigators to your home to have a family home evening. Or that you guys can leave with them for a couple of lessonsª Any help is greatªªª

Today we went BOWLING as a zone activity! It was so fun! I bowled the WORST games I ever have in my entire bowling career! Didnt even break 100... or 90...or 80... or 70... well, y0ou get the picture! haha but it wasnt my best gameª  (ª means exclamation point, this keyboard just crapped out) But it was really fun, then we went to wendys and Taco Bell, so awesomeª 

I am really excited to have a new area and everything, but im really going to miss the missionaries in my zoneª They÷re like my giant manly family down here haha, but yes, I am a little nervous, because Im pretty sure I find out more or less which mission Im going to in this change. Because there are only 2 changes more, so if im in the cap, ill always be in the cap. But if I leave, i÷ll never come back.... So yup im a little nervous, but excited so i can start over in a new area and put to practice all that I learned hereª  

This week, after a day of divisions in another area, We got a phone Call from Pres. Watts. He told us he wanted to have a companionship study with us the next day, SO natureallly we were poopin our pants because from what I know this isnt SUPER common. So Morning came and president and Hna. Watts came to our house and we had a companionship study with themª  It was really cool, we just talked about our area and what we can do to help our investigatorsªª So awesome, this is the reason I want to stay in the East mission... today at leastª I change where I want to go everyday haha, but I find out next sunday IF I have a change, then wednesday WHERE my change is

Hey what÷s this deal with Korea¿! is it serious or just something stupid I read in a Guatemalan newspaper¿ I always knew I didnt like them........

haha well thanks so much for all the support you guys give meª You are the best family and make this work so much better and easierªªª I miss you all a ton but I wouldnt rather be anywhere elseªª Love you all a ton and if there is any thing I can do allllll the way from down here just tell meª I think IM going to send you guys  a couple of packages because I bought some cool stuffªªª



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