Alma 17:11

And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 18. 2013

Hey famblibly!

So today I was talking to the newbies about The Hobbit... I NEED TO SEE IT... that`s all! Oh and we were talking about Batman... HOLY GUACAMOLE I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! When I grow up I wanna be Batman, but if im bad that`s fine! I`ll just be Bane ( to make this dream come true could you guys send me the rubberband slash door workout thingy? with instructions becuase I have no Idea how to do anything with that bad boy! I wake up early to exersize but have no exersize equipment!!)

This week has been.............................. Uneventfull... I feel like Im getting bored of walking around the same streets and hearing the same crappy poopy excuses! Ahhh but that`s okay, if IM here its for a reason right!? Yup! This week The Elders from Kennedy (they live in the same apartment complex) didnt have water because the bank messed up their payment so the have been showering in our bathromm for this whole week! SHUCO!!! DIRTY!!! My house is a mess so I think we`re going to buy our food really fast so we can go clean!

I really am not sure about what I can write about, AHHH now I know! Nicks bamd.  I am so jealous that you guys are going to DISNEYLAND!!!! AAHHHH I NEED DISNEYLAND!!! 

Oh yeah I got your pics you sent me today! haha these are so funny! I was wondering why one is HUGE and the other ones are normal haha the one with nick giving jade a piggy back ride, Is it so we can see the old lady in the background holding a cat!? hahaha Everyone says that you all look like latinos and were wondering what happened to me!

This week we visited a lot of members, we have a new plan missional for the ward and I really hope that this will bring a little bit of support from the ward! Hey I have a question, can you figure out how to send songs through Email? I would love to have the Hobbit soundtrack! And Pirates!!! oh oh oh and Sherlock Holms! That would be the bestest! Super excited to get my package! You guys are awesome! I never feel forgotten hehe

It`s been SUPER hot lately and we have had less visits than normal so I have just been baking in the sun! This week we had it set that family Prado, Jr and Ana and their family were going to go to church yesterday. So we went to thier houses to bring them early and they told us that they couldnt. The problem Im having is that I cant think of more solutions, I have tried so many different ways to help these people but if they dont want to do it I cant force them! But this week will be better! If we have to we`ll just contact all week!

can you believe that I have 7 months this week!? Holy pooper scooper (hehehehehehehehe best catchfrase in the word) the time is passing incredibly fast! Soon it`ll be april for conference then it`ll be may for mothers day then it`ll be june my bday then it`ll be july Bday of MERICA then I have a year! holy canole! that`s insane! I have like 5 minutes on my time left but nothing to say so I may or may not just ramble on and on and on and on and on and on for a bit!

hmmm I taught elder Escobar the verb To Streak this week, Arent you proud? hahaha because they dont have a verb for that in spanish! How boring is that language!? haha jk I like speaking spanish, I think that it`s good now because I got in a fight about spanish grammer with my comp and another lat and I WAS RIGHT!!!!! hehe

Hows everyone with reading the book of mormon EvERY DAY!? I hope you are doing well with that!

Love you guys a ton! You are the bestestsest! Les Amo un monton! Ustedes son la mejor familia in todo el mundo!



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