Alma 17:11

And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy bretheren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hey Fambly!

Whew, it`s hot here today. I feel like im in a sweaty oven... 

I recieved a package from you guys this week! And 2 Letters from Gma and a letter from Mom! Awesome stuff!!! Thanks to my old boss for the HAT!! haha it`s super cool and for SkipBo too! haha I still havent figured out how to explain the rules exactly to my companion but we play a version close to the rules I think

This transfer has gone by so fast! we already have 5 weeks together!! holy cow! Training isnt too hard, just gotta follow the rules and do the 12 week training program. haha it`s just funny, as a signal that we want our companion to talk we look at them during the lessons. When I was with Elder G. he would do it and I wouldnt have any Idea what to say! I always thought it was because I didnt know spanish very well, but I have found out that it`s just becuase it`s weird to teach for a while haha. All the new missionaries are doing great, there are a lot of temps like Elder E. and a few of them want to change their missions to be here for the whole 2 years!

Today we went to the central market as our zone activity, we went there while I was in the CCM but I didnt buy anything. But this time I definately bought stuff! 350 Q. Which in Dollars isnt very much but here ITS A TON!!! I am going to send you guys some awesome stuff!!! I just hope it doesnt get broken on the way!!!

Congratulations to Nick for all his concerts! That is so cool that you are playing in front of so many people!!! When I get back and before you leave I hope you have a show so I can see you!

This week was really slow too, we only had like 20 lessons. But I was talking to our DL Elder C. and he told me about an area that he was in that was like mine. No support from the members and no baptisms or investigators. He just told me that we need to gain the support from the members and act like our area is the best, so that`s what Ive been trying to do!

This week we set a baptizm date for 2 of the Family P. It`ll be interesting to see if they end up gettting to church these next couple of weeks! We are also planning on setting 5 or 6 other dates this week! One with C. F., the guy who couldnt change his work schedule finally got it changed!!!! Another 4 with the family of  F. Jr and A. are the parents of like 5 kids, Flor is the sister of A. and F. is the only kid at the age of 8. They want to be baptised aswell but they have problems with work too, but they have read the whole B of M and want to be sealed in the Temple (we talked about that this week! That lesson is sooo cool to give when the people are ready to hear it!) They are even asking us for our Bibles and more Books of Mormon so they can give them to their parents! Ahhhh this family is the reason that I love this area!

We finnaly have a new Leader Mission of the Ward, his name is M. A. His brother is C., and he leaves with us about 50% of the days. He is a great guy and Im super excited to work more with him!

I gotta tell you what I bought becuase I am excited to send it to you guys! I bought something for mom for mothers day (will not tell this one) And then I bought this SICK clock that`s made of wood and has the numbers in Mayan. I also bought a satchel that has the logo of Gallo (may or may not be the most popular beer or company in Guate) but I definately cant use that for a good 2 years haha. Then I bought a stone chess set so me and my kid can play chess when we dont have a member! wohooo!

This week we realized that a lot of our investigators just listen to us because we talk about Christ. Just like they listen to any other person who talks about Christ... So we are trying to find investigators who are actually looking for the truth, not just someone to preach to them. We had ward council this week and gave a little bit of cincho (it`s like punishment... I dont know what it would be in English haha) to our leaders and then told them that we are here to help THEM do the mission work, not the other way around. They all seemed to be really excited, so we`ll see if things start turnin around!!

Thanks for your letters and all the packages! Those really are the best!! Hope you guys have a good week in the land of the SNOW!!! When I get back we have to go to 1. Disneyland, 2. Mexico, 3. Dominican, 4. Guatemala maybe not in that order but I really want to go to these places!! haha and St. George and Bear lake of course!!! You guys are the best!! Love you tons!!!


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